When: June 5th & 6th, 2023

Where: Harper Ellis HQ, Ft. Smith AR

Who: Salon Owners + aspiring Salon Owners. You do not have to be certified in Harper Ellis Concealed Bead Method to attend!


This class will sell out!

The Harper Ellis Salon Owner's Retreat is a two-day event, power packed full of essential career changing education for both the salon owner, and aspiring salon owner. Learn directly from industry leading educators and fast track your way to success!

This class is for you if...

  • You are a salon owner or aspiring salon owner looking to breakthrough to new levels of success
  • You are ready to step up your game and be the leader that helps your team create unimaginable results
  • You are ready to scale your profitability through the roof and finally create the life you started this journey for


"Let's craft a plan to set your salon up for success."

We're sharing it all with you!

Social Media Success

Learn understanding and strategy to lead your salon team for social media success.

The 4 Pillars To Marketing Your Salon

Learn the ins and outs of the 4 most important marketing strategies, that will send new clients in your seat.

Salon Profitability

We’re sharing how to determine how much money you’re bringing in, as well as how to calculate how much you need to bring in to reach your goals!

Meet Your Goals

Goal setting is an art! We’re talking about Terra’s tied and true strategies to support her team in meeting their personal, professional, and financial goals.

Working With Your Staff

We're covering how to handle contracts with your stylists, as well as working with a commission and salon scale.

Training Assistants

Master our step by step process for brining on new assistants and training hem to be the future stars of your salon!

The Entity of Your Business

Learn the in's and out's of LLC formation and taxation, and run your business like a true CEO.

Management Duties

We're sharing our list of managerial duties to keep the salon and business running smoothly and effectively!

And so much more!

A letter from Terra Harvell - CEO, Harper Ellis Hair Co.

I opened my salon at age 26 with very little guidance or direction, but with a lot of big dreams. Through the first few years of owning a salon I made enough mistakes for a lifetime, from stylist walkouts, a few months with my bank account in the negative, and a lot of tears.

The good news is, I pressed forward. I took those trials and turned them into invaluable lessons that have allowed me to build this seven figure salon with an amazing team of rockstar stylists and incredible management that keeps my world turning.

I’m here to share it all. Nothing is off limits in this two day crash course os salon ownership. We’re covering the nitty gritty details of profitability, stylist contracts, and the systems in place that will support your management and salon culture.

What I would have done to have a class like this starting out as a salon owner! I’m also so excited that this is the first Harper Ellis course where you don’t have to be certified in the Harper Ellis Concealed Bead Method™ to attend! ALL are welcome!

Am I going to see you there?


What are you waiting on?

Take control of your business and your future.

This two daily event is only $1,999